I've had my 'light bulb moment'!  

Are you ready for yours?!


Mental Detox & 'Ego' Boost

Weight Loss Package

Stress, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD

Fear & Phobia

Bespoke Package including after care & support

Classical Hypnotherapy Sessions

Life Coaching Package

Mental Detox & Ego Boost

Top Up Session

Stop Smoking Package

Example Prices

Integrative Therapy Session - £60

Stop Smoking Package - £995

Weight Loss Package - £595

Life Coaching Package - £595

Classical Hypnotherapy - Single session £60

Set of 6 sessions £300*

*Must be pre-purchased

Pain Management

Confidence Boost

& Self Esteem

Past Life Regression Party / Night with a Hypnotist


All of my treatments are bespoke and as such are uniquely tailored to the needs of the individual which includes the price!

Discount offered for Emergency & Military Services, Counselling students and same family members.

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